Here, you will find a selection of helpful resources for anyone with questions about whistleblowing.  These resources include books, as well as material from government agencies and non-profit organizations.  Of course, Mehri & Skalet is also a valuable source of information, and we welcome your questions.

Auto Safety

From recent recalls of defective tires, accelerators and ignition switches, to catastrophes involving faulty airbags, non-collision vehicle fires, and self-driving vehicles, auto safety has become an issue of utmost importance to the more than 200 million of us who drive on America’s roads and highways.  We are seeking information from employees and contractors of motor vehicles manufacturers, dealerships, and suppliers concerning significant safety issues affecting vehicles sold in the U.S. 

Private Prisons and Detention Centers

There have been many reported abuses in private prisons and immigrant detention facilities.  Major players in this industry include Correctional Corporation of America (CCA), Wackenhut, The Geo Group, Inc., and CoreCivic.  Subsidiaries or subcontractors to these companies may provide guard services, food, medical care and other services.  State-run facilities also contract with vendors to provide a wide variety of services.  Whether managed by one of the major corporate players or by a state or local government, these facilities are subject to rampant fraud.  We are seeking information concerning fraud or other wrongdoing in the operation of prisons and detention facilities.

Military Aerospace and Weapons Systems

For fiscal year 2019, over $600 billion (almost 18% of the federal budget) has been dedicated to national defense.  Major companies providing aerospace and weapons systems research and development include Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Bell Helicopter Textron, and Aerospace Corporation.  Employees or contractors at these companies and others serving our military are encouraged to contact us if with original information about fraud in any of these government-funded programs, including labor billing or timecard fraud, mischarging, and false certifications regarding end products (e.g., jets, tanks, ships, satellites, guidance systems, etc.) or component testing or capabilities. 

Digital Assets

(Crypto Currency)

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) regulate the expanding array of digital assets/crypto currencies. Fraud schemes involving investments in digital assets have expanded in recent years and frequently: include claims of guaranteed high investment returns; involve unlicensed or unregistered sellers; assert a new or secret technology; and/or pressure investors to buy in now.  Employees, sales agents, and contractors of companies involved in these or other fraudulent practices are urged to contact us promptly.  We can assist you in making internal disclosures and making a whistleblower disclosure to the SEC and/or CFTC.   




Many federal and state agencies operate major facilities throughout the country and overseas.  For example, military bases; Department of Energy (DOE) laboratories and cleanup sites; Department of Homeland Security (DHS) border protection and Coast Guard facilities; General Services Administration (GSA) buildings and services; and many other agencies rely on government contractors and subcontractors.  We are investigating fraud by contractors who provide services to government-funded facilities.  A few areas of interest include frauds in design and construction, management and operations, and environmental cleanup.  Employees of these contractor and subcontractors who have original information about fraud involving government-funded facilities are urged to reach out for a consultation.

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