Mehri & Skalet

Founded in 2001 by Cyrus Mehri and Steven Skalet, Mehri & Skalet, PLLC has become one of the nation’s leading class action lawyer and complex litigation firms. Our thriving practice represents employees, consumers, investors, small businesses and others in high-impact cases against powerful interests.

Our mission is to advance justice – and to achieve results.

In addition to litigating high-impact class actions to achieve lasting change, we also regularly undertake special projects to advance change in society. From helping female financial advisors secure major equitable changes in how Wall Street firms distribute business opportunities to battling corporate fraud with Voices for Corporate Responsibility, we guide client through the justice system in the courtroom and often the public arena. We have also launched M&S Consulting to pioneer new ideas such as a new assessment test used for athletes considered by the NFL clubs and new approaches to vexing human resource issues.

At M&S, we are active, assertive, and forward-thinking. We use the law as a powerful tool in pursuit of fairness, accountability, and reform.

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Richard ConditRichard Condit

Head Of Mehri & Skalet Whistleblower Law practice

Richard Condit joined Mehri & Skalet in 2015. He heads the firm’s Whistleblower Law practice, including cases involving whistleblower retaliation, disclosures to the SEC and other federal agencies, and false claims or fraud against the government or its contractors. With more than 25 years of experience working with whistleblowers, Mr. Condit has protected a huge array of people who have taken a stand, including lawyers, doctors, bank executives, firefighters, social workers, police officers, engineers, and laborers, on issues including fraud against the government, nuclear safety, environmental protection, bank fraud, food safety, mortgage fraud, securities law ,regulatory violations, public transit safety, and more.

Mr. Condit worked at the Government Accountability Project (GAP) before joining the firm, helping to  develop the organization’s environmental whistleblower and citizen enforcement programs before leading GAP’s in-house litigation of whistleblower and open government cases.

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“I met Richard in the context of whistleblowing regarding ongoing fraud by people who were as tenacious (with a virtually unlimited defense budget) as they were dishonest.  Richard quickly became more than my learned, experienced and wise attorney, he became my friend.  Though Richard was as concerned as I was with exposing and stopping the underlying wrongs (including fraud to third parties), he was at least as concerned for me as his client, foreseeing and advising me through the personal tolls that whistleblowing seems so often to entail.  He never pushed me to take the early and easy settlements we were offered along with strings that I remain silent forever about the fraud.  Instead, he patiently guided us to a settlement that was strong on all fronts and did not require a trial (full resolution came within a year of my meeting Richard).  I highly recommend him.” — Former Chief Operating Officer of a large organization.

 “Richard’s expertise and concern for me and my family resulted in a tailored plan that permitted me to safely share my information with regulators and law enforcement.  His steadfast support enabled me to continue my quest for accountability, and I am very grateful for his guidance through a difficult period.” – Former Banking Executive

“Richard is extremely knowledgeable, caring, sensitive, hardworking and smart.  I have never seen anyone that cares as much about a client and his/her family. All of Richard’s predictions about the reactions of government agencies, my employer’s strategies, my former co-workers, technical experts, the local politicians and government officials, and the media to my whistleblowing and the issues I raised came true one after another one. Richard increased my odds of winning my whistleblower case from 1% to over 70%, before the case was resolved.  He aggressively fought for me and my family to the last minute.” — Professional Civil/Structural Engineer


Cleveland Lawrence III

Co-Chair of Mehri & Skalet Whistleblower Law practice

Cleveland Lawrence III is Of Counsel at Mehri & Skalet. He is an expert on False Claims Act, whistleblower, fraud, and compliance issues, and has been a thought leader in the qui tam community for more than a decade. From 2008 to 2016, Cleveland led the Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund (TAFEF) and its sister organization, Taxpayers Against Fraud – first as Director of Legal Education and later as Co-Executive Director.

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